Great build quality second to none, sharp images with very little distortion for such a wide angle. Fstoppers **Note that the Rokinon 12mm f/2.0 can also be found listed as the Samyang 12mm … My biggest problem is that the focus ring is so easy to turn that it doesn't stay on the infinity mark--so check yours regularly if you're shooting in a dark place. Casino Interior, Macao – China – Samyang 12mm f2.8 ED AS NCS Fisheye lens. well for close-ups, then I can blur the background really well. 7Dmrkll & 70D. THE BEST Fisheye available for Nikon FX cameras! Please try again later. Reviewed in the United States on July 3, 2018, Reviewed in the United States on August 20, 2018. FF Nikon owner with a number of Nikon FX prime and zoom lenses. Photo size: 11.8 MP Camera: Lens: Samyang 12mm F/2 ISO: 100 Focal length: 12 mm Aperture: F/16.0 Exposure time: 1/250 sec Nobody knows I'm shooting them as they do when I haul that big DSLR up to my eye. But it is also a lens known for its ridiculously high distortion and questionable build quality, so let us find out what the whole package has to offer! 1 bid. Create a match made in heaven with your favourite camera body and lens using a lens adapter. Error posting question. A 12mm Fisheye produces a very specific look. To read any of our other reviews click here. There is a “… Samyang 12mm f/2.0 NCS CS Handling and Features. (The new 12-24mm F2.8 G Master lens), Meike 35mm T2.2 Cine Lens For MFT Mount Cameras. Looks cheaper (obviously it is). Despite the release of the native E-mount 14mm 2.8 AF lens by Samyang their older – all manual – 14mm 2.8 still has a significant fan base. That’s it! I love the unique look the fisheye images produce compared to more traditional focal lengths. Absolutely everything will be in focus from foreground to background. Sign up now to access the Quick Guides. This shopping feature will continue to load items when the Enter key is pressed. For an f2.8 lens, this is a great bargain compared to the OEM alternative. Personally, we would never travel without the ‘fishy’ ?. Samyang SY14M-E 14mm F2.8 Ultra Wide Lens for Sony E-Mount, Samyang SY12M-E-BK 12mm F2.0 Ultra Wide Angle Lens for Sony E Cameras, Black, Rokinon 12mm F2.8 Ultra Wide Fisheye Lens for Sony E Mount Interchangeable Lens Cameras (NEX) - Full Frame Compatible. If you like the look, you will like this lens. This composition includes the shadow of the camera on the tripod and unwanted areas in the bottom corner of the image which we knew would be easy enough to remove in Lightroom/Photoshop so it was not really a concern. If you are night photography, especially MW, unbelievable value for your money, I have Canon 14mm 2.8L which I bought for around $2k and this $400 lens MW is as beautiful if not better than canon lens. Also, when angling the lens down watch out you don’t include your feet! Reviewed in the United States on September 27, 2018. Q: If you are night photography, especially MW, unbelievable value for your money, I have Canon 14mm 2.8L which I bought for around $2k and this $400 lens MW is as beautiful if not better than canon lens. As far as settings are concerned, we thoroughly tested our copy when we bought it. We are professional photographers & publishers that specialise in travel & tourism photography, tourism products, image licensing & photography training. Alternatively, if purchasing in Australia click on the banner below to visit Maxxum (Australian Distributor) and use the coupon code WSP10 to get a 10% discount off all products. Takes photos that would look like it is attached on an APSF not a full frame camera. I'm Selling my Samyang Wide Angle Lens 12mm f2.0 Sony Emount. Lens Mount Samyang 12mm f2.0 is compatible with cameras that have Sony E lens mount.Some of the latest released cameras with Sony E lens mount are Sony A6600, Sony A6100 and Sony A6400. The lens hood on the 12mm is removable however it was fixed on our original version of the 8mm. Do your research like with any big or expensive purchase but don’t turn away just because they aren’t from the big 3 manufacturers. The Samyang AF 35mm F1.8 FE is definitely a viable alternative to rival brand's more expensive option and seems a far better fit for the countless Sony mirrorless camera owners who are enthusiasts and semi-pros. Is there a 12mm non fish eye …, A: As mentioned above, the DSLR mount lenses are all much shorter (70.2 – 72.7mm) in length in comparison to the mirrorless versions which are all at least 20mm longer due to the smaller mounting flange on the mirrorless camera bodies. There is some noticeable distortion on the left & right edges of the frame and some of the pier in the foreground. 7Dmrkll & 70D. Great fisheye lens. As a result, the lenses are also slightly heavier than the DSLR versions but not by much. Not for the environment that doesn't have enough light. Tian Tan Buddha, Lantau Island – Hong Kong – Samyang 12mm f2.8 ED AS NCS Fisheye lens. If you like the look, you will like this lens. Samyang SY12M-E-BK 12mm F2.0 NCS CS Ultra Wide Angle Black Lens for Sony E Cameras. $9.60 shipping. There are also AF 14mm f/2.8 lenses for Canon R-series and Sony mirrorless cameras, but those have a different design. Simple huh! It has the adapter built into it. You may also enjoy our monthly newsletter. The other is the AF 85mm f/1.4. The images are sharper than I was expecting. In Stock-Meike 50mm T2.2 Cine Lens For Sony! HOME PHOTO > > REVIEWS > > > > > > > ABOUT 2016 Samyang 12 f2 - Well worth the price. Canon EF, Nikon F, Pentax K, Sony A, Canon M, Fujifilm X, Samsung NX, Sony E, MFT. A fantastic lens for interiors although we’re not sure a paying client would want this extreme angle. I needed the f/2.8 lens because I'll mostly use this to shoot bands in dark bars. Based on the reviews I purchased it. Extended holiday return window till Jan 31, 2021. There were a couple of physical differences between the 8mm APS-C version and the 12mm Full Frame version. The only caveat of owning a fisheye lens is that you cannot attach filters, not that we would anyway, but we always like to affix a UV filter for added protection. Still a pleasing shot in our opinion. Required fields are marked *. Samyang lenses compete with all the big name lens manufacturers but at a fraction of the cost. I got this for my father & I to use with our canon eos cameras. Malfunctions covered after the manufacturer's warranty. Reviewed in the United States on March 20, 2015. La mise-au-point sur l'infini se place en un clin d'oeil, ce qui est parfait pour la voie lactée et les étoiles. In order to get some even lighting in our sky, we shot this with the sun relatively behind us. Samyang AF 14mm F2.8 FE for Sony FE-mount Lens (Austin) $400 Sony e-mount 12mm f/2 lens samyang (Bellingham) $200 Samyang AF 85mm f/1.4 Lens for Sony … Just a fisheye lens. I used this lens a lot for astro photography with great results. Je l'utilise présentement sur mon 7DII APS-C (115 degrés d'angle) et ça va bien. Basically brand new & mint condition. It term of field of view and price it beats hands down the. I have the E mount version of this lens for Sony mirrorless cameras, but it is also available for Canon, Fuji, Olympus/Panasonic (MFT), and Samsung. I've had success shooting street with it by hanging the camera around my neck and firing the shutter with my thumb from my waist while walking around. COVERAGE: Plan starts on the date of purchase. Samyang, Venus, Sigma & Tamron all make professional quality lenses that compete with or surpass the quality of lenses up to 3 times the cost. I think I like this even better than my 14mm from the same manufacturer! Since we own one of the sharpest lenses on the market made by Samyang(yes on the market) the 85mm XP we knew that this one would be good too. Its also built really well is not totally plastic. This works esp. Please try again. The Samyang 12mm F2.8 Fisheye is really an exciting lens , very sharp , low lens fall off, flare resistant, capable of offering perfectly usage rectilinear 180° field of view for less than 500 euros with the Fisheye-Hemi plug-in. Only open once, never used. There was a problem completing your request. Caretta Shiodome, Tokyo – Japan – Samyang 12mm f2.8 ED AS NCS Fisheye lens. I tried the Canon 8-15 f4L lens for $1350 but found I was usually shooting... A 12mm Fisheye produces a very specific look. Nice color rendering. Not an expert on optics but the shape of the lens probably determine# the “fisheye” aspect…. Firstly on our APS-C cameras and now on our Full Frame mirrorless cameras. Ending Saturday at 4:23PM PST 2d 12h. Try shooting with it in a forest with tall trees, a densely populated city with skyscrapers, an external shot of a barn, an ornate interior of a church or building – the possibilities are endless. PRODUCT ELIGIBILITY: Plans cover products purchased in the last 30 days. Classifieds Type: WTSell Equipment Type: Lens Brand: Samyang Short Description: Samyang/Rokinon 12mm f2 NCS CS for Sony APSC Price (S$): 330 Detailed Description: Got it on Nov 26 2020. A: Now with one very nice, new Samyang Ultra wide angle lens. Sony a6x00 shooters might be a little frustrated to find that only one of the six lenses is expected to be APS-C, and many would have been keen to see a fast ultra-wide-angle zoom as well as a telephoto zoom for crop-sensor cameras. It is a extra-wide-angle manual focus lens designed for APS-C crop sensor mirrorless cameras. As the lens has a 180-degree field of view on Full Frame sensor cameras you have to be careful when shooting outdoors where the sky is included. Sony FE 12-24mm F4 G (122°) Did not enjoy this lens and probably returning it if the Amazon return time permits. I'll leave it to others to discuss its technical merits, but for me it has produced very nice images. I take mostly landscape photos with a Nikon D810, so the lack of autofocus really doesn't bother me, I just set it to infinity and forget about it. Samyang 12mm F2.8 ED AS NCS FISHEYE lens – this is a DSLR version. This lens produces... FF Nikon owner with a number of Nikon FX prime and zoom lenses. ultra sharp and amazing color rendition, it's THE BEST Fisheye available for FX cameras!, you DO NOT need autofocus for a fisheye, put the focus a little before the infinity mark and stop at f/5.6 and it'll be ultra sharp with... Amazing quality for a reasonable price! You may be charged a restocking fee up to 50% of item's price for used or damaged returns and up to 100% for materially different item. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Samyang 12mm F2.0 NCS CS Ultra Wide Manual Focus Lens for Sony E Cameras Black at the best … Although, with a bit of editing in Photoshop you should be able to straighten the distortion near the edges. Your email address will not be published. ultra sharp and amazing color rendition, it's THE BEST Fisheye available for FX cameras!, you DO NOT need autofocus for a fisheye, put the focus a little before the infinity mark and stop at f/5.6 and it'll be ultra sharp with everything in focus from 1 feet to infinity, the Nikon version has the focus confirmation chip so even with manual focus the camera will indicate when the area you need IS in focus, close the aperture ring and you can also control aperture with your camera controls, and all the exif data from the lens is saved on your raw files so you can do more precise editing later or defish it with sowftware, Reviewed in the United States on March 24, 2016.
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