But for these cranberry mimosas, I prefer to go lighter on the cranberry juice and heavier on the champagne. My personal favorite is to pour a glass of champagne, add a Please read my disclosure policy. Whatever the history may be, the mimosa sure is a brunch staple. That would make roughly 4 to 6 servings but if you would like to make a single serving for yourself pop open that bottle of champagne. This cranberry mimosa drink is a festive holiday beverage. These Cranberry Mimosas are the perfect easy cocktail, and they couldn't be more ideal for holiday celebrations. I tend to like equal my mimosas on the sweeter side and I will add more juice than champagne. Cranberry Mimosas A mimosa is a cocktail usually served in a tall champagne flute, with a ratio consisting of 1 part orange juice to 2 parts champagne. I have heard a cranberry mimosa called the poinsettia drink or poinsettia mimosa. How do I make a Cranberry Mimosa? Orange juice with champagne is called a Mimosa. To make a cranberry mimosa for a crowd of people combine 1/2 a gallon of cranberry juice and 1 bottle of champagne. Place cranberries and 1 cup orange juice in a blender; cover and process until pureed, stopping to scrape down sides of jar with a rubber spatula as needed. I always LOVE a good champagne cocktail, and these are one of my favorites! This super fun and easy cocktail consists of one of my all-time favorite flavor combinations – vanilla and cranberry. The original recipe called for 1 teaspoon Grand Marnier, however the modern versions omit this. This site was built to help food bloggers show their recipes to more recipe lovers. A standard mimosa is one part juice to three parts champagne. This post may contain affiliate links. Directions. Speaking of juice, when it comes to cranberry juice, keep in mind that 100% pure cranberry juice is REALLY tart. Consider substituting orange juice for a variety of other juices including: pomegranate, pineapple, cranberry, blood orange, grapefruit and more. ... Its simply called a "cranberry gin", there are lots of other cocktail drinks with gin and cranberry but they also have other fluids added. Whether you are hosting a large party or intimate get-together, this cranberry mimosa is a delicious twist with holiday spirit. 3 Comments. If you are making a bulk batch to serve to a lot of people, line up the glasses, add a little ice in each glass, and pour the ingredients in the glasses one by one. Vanilla Cranberry Mimosa. You have a beautiful Cranberry Mimosa that is perfect for sharing with others. Cranberry Mimosa Drink Recipe. In fact, it’s so popular that there are many variations to the classic. Made with a combination of Brut champagne and cranberry … This is a perfect holiday drink for your holiday brunch, it can also be served at cocktail parties, to ring in the New Year, or for any other holiday celebration you may have. I often will order a cranberry and vanilla vodka when I am out on the town with my friends and that was the inspiration for this drink.
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